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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Letter to Aliese--Received January 24, 2011

Hey there, how are things?  I'm sorry it is taking forever to reply and send out weekly letters.  Christmas has just been crazy and then I had a baptism right after, so I've been super busy and stressed, but I'm catching up to all the Christmas stuff I need to reply to.  But things are going well here right now.  Elder James and I really need some people to teach though; we just have had two baptisms and will have two more before then end of February, but need new people to teach.

Anyway, Christmas day, after we chatted, we played some games with the family I was visiting and called from, then visited lots of member in the ward (all of which tried to feed us dinner) because it was a normal proselyting day, so we had to go out and teach still.  We got stuffed with A LOT of food!  In fact, I am really hoping I am building some muscle or something because I weigh 185 lbs. (20 lbs. more than when I left, but all my clothes fit the same).  Anyway, if I am getting fat, I'm doing my best to work it off.

Moving on, I did see the video Dad made.  I almost cried often but never actually did.  It was wonderful though; I loved it.  Grandpa's was funny when I noticed you guys joked about it, but at first I was thinking, "Oh my gosh, he's has forgotten me after six months!"  Oddly enough, and I kind of feel bad, but I got most worked up about seeing old Madrigal videos on it.  That was the closest I came to crying.  Loved it though.  What a great gift; thanks to you all.

It sounds and looks like you guys had a great Christmas.  Mom recently sent pictures so I saw the highlights of the gifts; it looked lots of fun!  I'm glad the crappily made card was appreciated.

It sounds like Christmas and New Years were both lots of fun.  I'm glad the family was able to get together for them and have shopping fun and such.

Sorry this letter is so short.  I'm trying really hard to get all the Christmas stuff replied to and such.  But I hope all is going well.  It sounds like school is going well for you which reminds me, I may come down there for school when I get back so I can get full use of a new toy I'm convinced of getting after being in California (Motorcycle!).  Everyone I've met has tried to show me how economical it is to have one and I'm convinced.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Love you lots, miss you, here are some pictures.  Mom and Dad will have more soon.

Love, Elder Jacob Chipman