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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter to Aliese--Received February 4, 2011


Glad to hear things are going so well for you back home.  I'm glad the stress about your Master's stuff is finally at an end. All the classes are done and thesis written and submitted.  I say 78 pages is pretty crazy long.  It's like you wrote a book...that no one will read...(Ross?)  :)  I'm glad you are done with it all the same.

It's cool Darrin filled your car with balloons to celebrate, I think it's funny there were only five people in your class; that's so small, but it's good you all had some fun your last day.  Sorry your car smells like Latex and that you had to take the balloons for another day.  It's kinda fun to keep that kind of stuff for awhile though.  I remember I didn't wash my car for weeks after we won state because people painted such nice/cool things on my windows.

I hope Darrin is enjoying Carlsbad, that's kinda odd he has to come out here to finish his class, but also kinda cool.  Hopefully he's having fun and that you aren't all bored and lonely at home.

Hmm...things new with me, actually oddly enough A LOT will be changing this week.  Last week Elder James and I found out we are both going to be in leadership this coming transfer.  Sadly, that meant we are getting split up.  It's a bummer because we had loads of fun, but still got a lot of work done.  We had three baptisms together and just a good three months' worth of work and fun together.

Anyway, what the change ended up being was that on Tuesday this week, Elder James is going to be a District Leader somewhere and I am TRAINING!  I can't believe it!  I really did not think I would be training a new missionary this early in my mission.  It's kinda cool; I'm excited, but pretty nervous for it.

...[story which can't be added to the blog]...

Anyway, that's what is new.  Hope all is well back home!  Love you and miss you.

Elder Jacob S. Chipman

P.S.  Oh, and my bike got stolen so I...acquired a new one; talk to mom about the details.  :)

Monday, February 21, 2011