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Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010-Letter to Aliese

Alright, first off, my apologies on writing real letters. It's just that snail mail (aka U.S. postal service) is just ridiculous out here. It takes about two or three days to get the letter to the mission home, then when they send it out to my actual address, it takes another two days. But even though it's tedious, I love mail all the same...

I was very excited to hear about all the things going on in St. George as well as Mom and Pops. It sounds like you have all been having fun. I must say I am quite jealous that Krave carries the Dole Whip. That is quite the amazing little treat and I miss it in my belly. The rainbow pearl necklace sounds way cool in theory and on paper, but if Darrin says it looks like MardiGras, or something more gay than Clay Aiken smooching Freddy Mercury...I'm a little reluctant about it. :) I may need to see this necklace to offer a fair judgement on it though.

The Belgium trip sounds like it will be way cool and it's awesome that you can go too, although it does sound like it will be a chore getting all that work off. Good luck with that one. But it's like you said, you would have to be flat out stupid to pass up an opportunity like that, especially when it's FREE!

Val's shower sounded like it was fun. Congrats on getting the ABC Quiet Book done in time...Although admittingly, I don't know what that is. Dinner with Jen, Adam, and Lyv sounded absolutely hilarious! That would have been super cute to see Lyv order for Adam and why in the world did she only order croutons? Did you tell her she'd be tossed in the brick oven if she chose anything over $5? :) That's really really funny though. That crazy kid. The IKEA story was pretty cute too, but I must say I think Johnny Carino's trumps it hands down. But it would be fun to see the look on her dad's face when she said she stole a pencil from Hawaii.

Well it sounds like you are keeping very busy, as am I, I realize I haven't really told you straight forward stuff about my mission, so I have a plan for us I hear works quite well. In your next letter to me, add a separate questionnaire (with the extra space between each question for me to answer in) and then with my letter back home, I'll send the filled out questionnaire. I know it kinda sounds lame, but this way I know I won't leave anything out of your letters. :)

Well, still paddling the old k-new. Sorry about no updates this time. I mostly just do service, so I'm super busy a lot. I mostly just chop wood lots (literally, like I should have been called as a lumberjack in the California San Jose Mission. :) I love it, so it's all good).

Love you lots. Miss you.
Elder Chipman

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