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Thursday, August 26, 2010

San Lorenzo Valley

(paraphrased snipets from an email sent to Jennifer August 24th)

Hey all! I am currently in the San Lorenzo Valley...specifically Boulder Creek. My companion is good and does a lot of good work but seems leanient on some of the rules... i don't really know being brand new and all. The weather so far has been quite nice cooler than utah...except for today which is supposed to be a record breaking day of 104, but i'm surrounded by redwoods so there should be plenty of shade.

. . .

P-day was yesterday but we spent all day with an investigator...today is not a p-day but i am e-mailing, again i'm not sure about rules of priorities of my companion yet. The only thing i do know is that e-mail is probably best to keep in touch with you and family because the letters you send, they say, have to be sent tot the mission home in San Jose and then they send it out to us from there so as to avoid confusion and lost mail when transfers happen.

. . .

My current area doesn't cover it, but San Jose mission does so I have seen it already being out here but not serving near it quite yet... and from the sounds of it i won't be anytime soon.i may be in this area with my current companion until he goes home in december/january.

. . .

There's not much going on by way of news. I'm still just meeting people in the ward and people investigating. There are 3 people who are supposed to be baptized Saturday though, we'll see how that goes [he says a lot about them individually but his mission president asked him not to make public displays of their investigators...so I'll leave it at that for now...write him and ask specifics if you'd like them].

~The letter is a little choppy because I left a bunch out...sorry guys...but feel free to write him yourself if you are curious to know all the juicy details! Or if you are related to me, I'd be happy to forward the emails~ ~Jennifer

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