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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Letter to Aliese--Received December 16, 2010

So...I got your package...took the hint...here is your letter. :) I did notice I've been lax on writing letters weekly to the sisters, so I'll work on that.

Not much has change here in San Jose. We have some investigators progressing nicely but no one has baptismal dates, people are LOADS nicer during the holidays though. I gained a bit of weight on Thanksgiving which is no beuno 'cause I know that the second I'm not in a biking area, I won't be able to work it off, HaHa! Oh well, I'll get fit again after the mission (so I can catch me a wife with my stellar swimmer's body)! :) Totally kidding, not going to even worry about that.

Well Christmas is coming, but so is the end of the transfer, so I may not get to stay here for the Christmas/New Year. But I won't find that out for another week. I hope Elder James and I get to stay here though; we are having loads of fun and getting lots of work done.

Thanks for all the snacks in the package. I ate one of the Mac & Cheeses already and went to town on the rest of the snacks. I'm also pretty excited to see what you, Darrin, Santa, and then the entire country of Belgium got me for Christmas. :)

Oddly enough, the Christmas Season has not made me feel trunky at all. Things are going well, to be honest, I thought I'd take it harder. I do miss watching Polar Express with the family and all the other Christmas movies too.

I bet as the season goes by, I'll start to miss all the traditions, I felt way bad when mom told me the hassle she went through for the three this year for her and grandma's. She had apparently really messed up her back, so that would have been nice to prevent.

So my companion and I have been asked to sing in sacrament the Sunday before Christmas...We were asked to sing "O Holy Night"...I'm a freaking bass; and I haven't sung for soooo long. I sound like garbage. Maybe I'll give one of our practices a recording for the family or something, I dunno.

Well, that's all that's new for now, hope you enjoyed this randomly scrambled together letter. Hope to hear from you soon. Love you, miss you. Don't worry, be happy. Don't eat yellow snow.

Merry Christmas,
Elder Jacob S. Chipman

Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day...Light a man on fire, chances are he'll stay warm for the remainder of his life...GERMAN PROVERB...okay, not really. That was mean.

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