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Saturday, May 28, 2011

E-mail to Aliese--Received May 24, 2011

hi liesey
i went on exchanges today and my district leader can't do e-mail mondays so while he's doing his weekly e-mail i get round two this week and thought i'd send you a letter. :)
first off i have found out why you have not been recieving letters from me... its cause i didn't recieve 2 or 3 from you until just barely, the mailing system for the mission was having some troubles so most of my zone just got letters that were sent from as early as january. one thing they told us was that dear elder was having some kinks in the system and that for the time being it would be unwise for amily to use it so i thought i'd let you know since i think thats the easiest way for you isn't it? anyway i thought i should warn ya :)
In mission news, on saturday i met with and chatted with elder m. russel ballard, no big deal.  :) alright yes it was, the mission conference we had with him was way cool! We were visited by him, Elder Richard Hinkley (Pres hinkley's son) and Elder Steven Allen of the missionary department. as well as our area seventy members elder's Clayton and Packard. it was really cool to get to hear from them all. Thecoolest thing by far though is the news they brought us. All we can say for now is that we as a mission will be piloting something new the church is doing and that we are the only mission in the world doing it (which is why we can't tell anyone anywho its way cool!

Funny story we were at a tongan members for dinner last night and they told us congratulations on the new baptismal date, we responded with "what baptismal date?" (because work in the tongan ward has been slow as of late) and the family said "well so and so said they were ready to get baptised and chose the day already". the funny thing is that this person stopped taking the lessons before  i got here but still had friends at church and stuff and just feels good about baptsim now so thats exciting.
well i guess thats all for now just wanted to give a quick update since  i had the time. :)
love you and miss you :)
elder chipman

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